Monday, November 26, 2007

Experimenting with the Vitamix

Hey, folks,

Glad to say I am doing better. My work is gaining traction, and I'm no longer so pressingly impatient with the process. Sometimes a small amount of progress -- just so I can see that progress is happening -- is remarkably reassuring.

So, on to a much more interesting topic -- what I'm trying in my smoothies. I recently read that if you have a high powered blender -- in the three or four horsepower range -- you can put the avocado seed in along with the avocado. Even more, it is supposed to be very healthy! Well, that certainly saves some trouble.

So today I peeled an avocado and tossed it in the Vitamix. Also a banana, some frozen mixed fruit, several slices from a large mango. I tried to put in a pomegranate, but the pickiness of gathering the seeds out of the sections stopped being fun about one quarter of the way through. Some soy milk to improve the texture, some vitamin powder, and some greens -- mustard greens, I really never eat enough greens and surely a heaping tablespoon of them will disappear -- and I'm all set.

The color is a little greenish. Next time, some beet might be good for color. (Don't tell Doug.) And a little more chilling might be good -- next time, a bit more frozen ingredients. The flavor is great! Yeay, lunch!

I did squirt pomegranate juice onto my yellow t-shirt. That looks a little permanent. Oh, well.

Have a great day! Eat well, too!


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