Friday, November 14, 2003

I give up. I'm just not going to manage NaNoWriMo this year. I went into it with too many simultaneous calls on my time and too little prep work.

It has been an amazing relief to stop. I suddenly had all this energy. I cooked and cleaned and made cat food. I felt much more enthusiastic about my other goals. I told Doug maybe I should over-schedule myself more often, just for the freedom I feel when I reduce my schedule. He said that was like the cowboy who wore too tight boots just so he could enjoy taking them off. It's a good point -- better not to get into the overscheduled situation in the first place. Still, I am really appreciating having breathing room again. So, I won't try to get myself into this situation again.

Hope I can remember the lesson, and continue to appreciate the space in my schedule. It's all too easy to start taking those moments of ease for granted, and stop appreciating them. I'll do what I can to enjoy the freedom to rest between tasks.