Thursday, August 16, 2007


Check out Doug's blog at He has a really great update on what we've been up to.

I've been working and reworking my business website, I'm looking for the words that will connect me to the people I can serve. It's surprisingly hard. I'm very happy with the recent upgrade to my graphics. Meanwhile, I have a handful of clients to serve, and that is going very well, and I'm working on a workbook to teach writers to write enjoyably whenever they want -- no more writer's block, no more fighting uphill against an internal critic.

I'm remarkably busy. It's good work.

Doug is looking forward to going back to class. He'll also be working on campus, with his workstudy grant. So everything on his schedule will be within walking distance. That's very convenient. Even though his summer job was only ten minute's drive away, the gas use and time loss add up quickly. Yes, walking takes time, too. Unlike driving, it improves his health.

And, selfishly, I will be glad to be able to run errands without the extra complication of driving him to work. An additional benefit is that he often stops at the grocery store on his way home, so I spend little time shopping during school. We'll see how it goes now that he is in class full time and working as well. With both of us putting in long hours, it will be helpful to stay conscious about saving time for each other, and keeping our stress down.

And that's the way it goes! We keep doing our work and looking out for each other!

May your alliances strengthen everyone involved.