Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Home again, after very nice holidays with Doug's parents -- it feels like the new year starts now. I have plans, long lists of actions to take to advance my business. The lists actually make me happy. I spent time thinking of my next actions, my long term plans, and the reasons I want them over the holidays. The return to center to gather my thoughts and choose my directions really strengthens me.

Here's the deal about life coaching -- I have tools that could help just about anyone. With my training and my experience, I can help people find their true calling, discover the goals that are meaningful to them, release the blocks that come between them and their goals, and develop strategies to achieve those goals. And who couldn't use that? Who couldn't use a listening ear, a skillful mind, and an encouraging voice as their support? And it really doesn't matter if the goals that flow from my client's heart are relationship goals or work goals, success goals, learning goals, health goals, or whatever it may be. Very many of the tools we've learned have extremely wide applicability. I could support just about anyone.

What I really want is to help the smart, creative, progressive people who care about the future be even more effective. I want to help environmentalists develop amazing ways to live abundantly using less energy, and find ways to preserve clean air, clean water, and wild spaces for posterity. I want to help space activists build commercial spaceflight and take all the steps that will lead to a spacefaring civilization. I want to empower the builders of democracy that will help our nation and world be agile, creative, free and just. I want to awaken and help to reach their platform those wise people who will give us the teachings so that we can be happy and wise and kind.

(I want our future to look like the Earth of Star Trek: The Next Generation -- clean and green and peaceful, wise, inclusive, democratic, and our people freed to adventure beyond our well of gravity.)

And I'm glad to work incrementally. Right now, there may be a man who would make a breakthrough in rocket propulsion design -- if only he weren't spending most of his hours wondering why he can't find a woman who loves him. I want to help. Right now, there may be a woman who would build a business selling an amazing energy-saving device, that could make every household in the country more efficient -- only she is so tired, she can't take the steps to realize her dream. I want to help. Right now, an idealistic student has a really great idea to make Washington more responsive to the people and more resistant to corruption -- and thinks the practical thing is to get a safe job and earn a living for twenty years, and then get back to it. I want to help.

I do believe that freeing individuals who care about the future to do their best, to dream and live effectively, is the best path to the best future. And I can do that. And I want to.

It's so strange, talking about this. I still struggle to tell people what I do. I've been able to practice, and I know that people who work with me feel lighter and stronger. They become freer to take action in the direction of their dreams. They find specific steps to take that will improve their lives. And they have someone to support them as they move into new territory. If your life was a game, what would you be playing for? Would having a coach for that game accelerate your progress? How could having someone to check in with every week or every month support you? If you are in transition now, would it help you to talk with someone -- once or a few times or over time -- whose only goal it was to help you find and live your own dreams?

I still write like I want to help everyone. And I do, indirectly. I will best directly serve those who share my interest in a creating a progressive future.

So last night, I made new business cards, targeted to SF fandom specifically. They say: Wings of Infinity Life Coaching. Helping SF Fans Create a Better Future. Then there's my contact information, and finally: Anna Paradox. Choose Your Game. Win it.

I'm taking them to a Cosine in Colorado Springs the weekend after next. It's one tactic to reach the people I can best serve.

Because my game is creating a fantastic future. And my strategy is to help people who care about the future lead more effective lives. Various methods of reaching those people, and various tools to help them, are all tactics to complete that strategy.

And then those I help can deploy their own strategies and tactics toward the glorious future we may reach long after I am gone.

Please bless me today. Most weeks, I bless you -- today I want your blessings. Write me at annaparadox at mac dot com (you know the translation), and send your good wishes. My work is calling, and I could use your support.