Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Home and Home

I had a great time at Cosine last weekend. It was a small sf convention in Colorado Springs. The very gracious Connie Willis was guest of honor, and propelled a large proportion of the panels. She had much of interest to say.

Wil McCarthy was also in attendance, and reports progress on his way to Wellstone. He talked about how they have been discovering marketable advances along the way. It is a balancing act, harvesting enough to keep the process fueled and not getting distracted from the main goal.

It was good to be among fandom again. SF does feel like home. So now I'm considering again writing. Connie Willis inspires literary aims. She so clearly loves reading and writing. She likes fans, too.

I gave away a handful of cards and talked a bit about life coaching. It felt like a good warm up.

I have made my airplane and hotel reservations for the Ad Astra Convention in Toronto March 2-4. I'm going to this one alone. Doug enjoyed Cosine, and feels his real work is here during the school year. So he'll be home with the cats. And I'll be on panels for my first time, courtesy of Julie Czerneda and the Polaris launch party. I'm excited. Wow, now I'm really A Pro.

Quite the adventure, and I'm looking forward to it.

May your dreams come true.