Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I took Memorial weekend thoroughly off. I told people I was unavailable. I did not give my attention to keeping up with email. I even refused a leisure activity or two that did not sound like fun.

It was wonderful.

I'm going to adjust my affirmations. I've used a series of goals for my business -- it has left too little attention for the things I really enjoy. I like to have time when I can choose what to do, in the moment. I love games and conversations that do not contribute to any goal. It's more important to me to preserve flexible time than to meet a high income goal. Good to know these things.

My speech to the local association of women accountants last Thursday night went well. I like this, and I would like to do more of it. Who knew I would like speaking in front of people? First I really enjoyed being on panels at science fiction conventions. Then I was giving small presentations at the networking group. Then I gave this speech. I had a touch of nerves. Not bad. I mostly felt in my element, and I was very happy when one of the women approached to say that what I had said had really helped her. Excellent!

A few others took my card.

So, I'm not sure what comes next. The group of accountants is having me teach at their fall retreat. In the meanwhile, I don't have any other presentations set up, and I'm not sure how or where to create them. Something will come up.

Interesting times. And some vacation was just what I needed to feel energized to meet them!

May you find the balance of work and rest that energizes you.