Thursday, October 25, 2007

More ups and downs

I gained some perspective and felt pretty good for a couple days there. Today again, the despair hit like a ton of molasses. It seems so hard to move. Everything is bogged down and slowed. The requests I send in for support receive slow, slow attention -- so slow that in some cases, I don't know if anyone has heard me at all.

We have run out of Kim Chee seasoning. I know four ways to order more. I can't seem to choose. Simply overwhelmed at deciding whether to buy a bulk three and a half pounds for $19.89 or 24 packets of just over an ounce each for $22, or one packet for $11.50. It's a product from Hawaii, and ordering small amounts incurs a hideous postage cost. All three prices include postage. On one hand, one packet would last me at least two months. On the other hand, the single packet price is ridiculous.

The fourth option? Ask my local supermarket to try to get it. At an uncertain price, uncertain success, and with another uncertain delay.

Bleck. I sound awful today. I knew that. Getting some words down makes it really obvious.

There are projects I'm committed to. There are steps I could take that would put me on the path to increasing my income so I wouldn't be woggled considering small financial consequences like buying the Kim Chee seasoning. I wish I had someone more to listen to me.

If I could buy my own service today, I'd get it in a heartbeat.


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