Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Life Coach training completed last weekend. It was intense. I have effective tools for fast change now. And I know what it is like to have them used on me.

Then, when I came out of class, and turned on my cell phone Sunday night, I discovered that Doug's father had had a heart attack. Shortly after attending his father's funeral, Mo went to the hospital with unexplained pain. They tested him twice, found nothing, though the doctor felt something wasn't quite right. Mo was preparing to leave when he had a heart attack, in the hospital. No better place for it.

He's doing very well. They expected to release him today. Doug flew to be with his family -- was already on his way before I knew it had happened. I was really glad that our friend David was visiting, and helped and supported Doug through the news and with getting to the airport. Good friends.

On the way home on Monday, I was involved in a small fender bender when a car stopped suddenly in front of me on the freeway. The car in front of me hit the car in front of it. I hit the one in front of me when I was unable to stop in time. No one hurt, plenty of time spent on the police report and speaking to insurance companies.

Yesterday I slept a lot. Blogging totally slipped my mind. I think missing that deadline, like being involved in the accident, is one more thing I'm going to give myself a pass on. Yes, possibly I could have done better, given more foresight. And also yes, I did well enough. So there we are.

I know the life coaching is the work I was meant to do. I love the work, and I love helping people to discover and become their best selves. Much more information is available at my website. See:

If change was easy, we'd already be doing it. Stagnation is easy, and it also binds us. Freedom takes movement, even through difficulties.

So this week I wish you the courage to follow your dreams.