Saturday, November 04, 2006

I am a Life Coach

Yesterday, we had our first follow-up call for the members of my Life Coach training group. Our facilitator, Kim Barber, pointed out that saying we were 'in training to be a Life Coach' is one of the ways we sabotage ourselves. All of us have the skills to coach, right now. She's seen them.

I admit, I have been a little skeptical that our training was sufficient. We had reading material and worksheets beforehand, and then a very intense three day seminar. But part of the reason we were there, is that we have all been coaching people all our lives. The training gave us more system to apply to what we already know, and the experience of having the tools used on us as well. It's all that's needed. That, and the ongoing work of finding the people we can best help, and making ourselves known so that they can find us.

If you are reading this, you know a lot about my history, and that I am a new Life Coach. Or I'm a newly official Life Coach. I AM a Life Coach. I am newly making my skill available for hire. And I have new techniques from my NorthStar training. I am, right now, a Life Coach, and in many ways, I always have been.

Thursday, I was talking to Tommy Angelo on the phone. It is my very great privilege that he has been a coaching mentor to me. He lists himself as a poker coach, and he approaches every game as part of a client's life, so he is effectively a Life Coach who approaches life through poker. If you are serious about poker, I recommend hiring him immediately at

Anyway, I was talking to Tommy, and we were talking about coaching, and I said I had been somewhat catalytic in people's lives now and then. And he said, "Uhuh, yeah, right," normal moving a conversation along sounds, nothing unusual here, and then, hairpin voice turn, he said, "OBVIOUSLY! Absolutely! Of course you have!" Like 'What are you freaking talking about, understating your abilities like that!!!!' It was one of the most classic voice tone double-takes I've ever heard.

Thanks, Tommy. It was a good time for me to hear that.

If you have been reading this blog, you also know the changes I've gone through, and how I have handled them. You know that I am not perfect, and that I keep trying to become more truthful and compassionate. There's my evidence, in public. I am a Life Coach.

My professional site is:

May you all acknowlege and use your strengths. The world needs you.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm late, I'm late

This week went by like lightning. Mo continues to recover. Doug had some follow-up to the X-Prize to do, and then a lot of missed homework to catch up on. He returned from being with his father on Wednesday. I was really glad to see him.

Last night I was drooping a little at the end of the day. I've been busily doing my Life Coach homework every day. The stated assignment is to spend at least ten minutes a day in some activity that advances my practice, plus speak to one stranger about Life Coaching. I've generally been overshooting, of course. So, I was tired early, and I started to wonder why. Then I thought, oh, yeah, only a few days ago, I was utterly exhausted. This is not so bad. Nor so unexpected.

Also have two editing clients now. Both are good company and good writers, so I'm enjoying the work immensely. Excellent sign! It does absorb my attention and my time. I keep looking up and thinking, oh, right, lunch is a couple hours overdue.

Of course the biggest relief is that Mo is home and doing well. The doctors said his heart was shocked. It will take time to recover his stamina, and even to know how much of his capacity will return. He's making some lifestyle changes, always a challenge. But he has lots of support, and a strong will.

May you have the support you need when you need it.