Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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I highly recommend this article: Prohibition

Please take a look.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Calmer now

Doug said he could tell I was angry last week. I even left in a couple typos. Definitely out-of-character.

Feeling better now. Had more time with the subject. And, as further analyses come in, it appears that the legislation will make less difference. The most interesting effect has been that the publicly traded online poker services have been pulling out of the US market. The privately held ones have been remaining and assuring their customers of the safety of their money. Already some migration of players has shown in weekend traffic.

I've pulled my money out. I had other major projects going on, and was already considering leaving. I have poker topics I still want to turn into articles, and some articles already written. I don't know at what point I'll feel my material is too out of date to continue writing about poker, or if I will return to playing later. A lot will depend on how my other current games play out.

I've started distributing cards for A few of the professional site cards have gone out, but largely as curiosities rather than advertising. My in-person training is getting close. I have worked and reworked the correspondance training items. Looked for other useful sources, and read additional material. Brainstormed a business plan and mentally rehearsed Life Coaching sessions. I'm as prepared as my will and available time can make me now.

At least until I think of something else to try.

A week from Thursday, I head for the in-person intensive. Then the time for preparation will be over.

Meanwhile, impelled by my anger about the poker restrictions, I took a closer look at some of the bills passed by the current legislature. By Amnesty International's accounting, the USA is now in violation of international law regarding the treatment of prisoners. Remember all those movies where the American heroes protest that their evil captors are breaking the Geneva Conventions? Well, it's now the US that has passed a law saying we won't follow the Geneva Convention if the president thinks we have a good reason not to.

I do not like having the government that supposedly represents me abridging human rights. At this point, our own government is creating more human misery and more fear than the terrorists they claim they are trying to protect us from.

I'm taking my first action, which is to complain in public. I will vote of course. And other actions -- as I find them.

May you have the courage to act for what you believe is right. I wish you this, even if we disagree on what that right may be.