Monday, December 29, 2003

Here's the snow we didn't get for Christmas. Several inches, so Pike looked like he was wading chest high, and still coming down thick. I can see 4 inches on parts of the tree branches. I'm going to skip going out to measure.

We had a great Christmas. Family around, nice lodgings at Eagle Crest, where someone else fights dwelling entropy, good food, good times. Our one-gift-from-each-to-each limit keeps the gifts manageable to transport. I know, I know, that's one of the most luxurious problems anyone could have.

Our stockings of anonymous gifts get more overflown each year. Each one has not just what will fit inside it, but also a pile below and around it, probably more than doubling the volume. This year, for example, I had three trade paperbacks and a package of windowpane textured towels "in my stocking". Loot! Definitely made out like a bandit.

Scored some successes with our gift giving. Those I've heard from appreciated their art books -- especially Dad, whose taste for Hispanic glamour was well met by a book on the tourist art from the days when Havana was a kind of more exotic Hawaii, and a calendar of Mexican art. A good score in matching gift to recipient really satisfies me.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. One more to come! Happy New Year!