Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Doug is due in class in an hour and a half. He has his first graded quiz today.

School is agreeing with him. He keeps saying things like "Whoa! I can do that on the way home from school!" and "I love this calculator!". All the signs are good.

This morning, we hope to catch breakfast at ChaChi's, which has become our neighborhood restaurant. Their menu is largely Mexican, with some nods to American style breakfasts. The waitresses are recognizing us now -- good food, good service, good prices, cheerful ambience. It's really everything you want in a neighborhood cafe. Easy walking distance from our doorstep, right along Doug's path to class, too.

This is part of my new 'update blog on Tuesdays' initiative. Our much anticipated web comic, Girl Genius updates at Midnight EDT Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday on the dot and without fail -- the Foglios must use some sort of automated posting software. Eventually, I will investigate and get myself one of those. Until then, 'updating on Tuesdays' means that some time between Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening, I will add a post. You can think of that as updating on Wednesdays, if you like.

May still post outside that period as well, when taken by inspiration. But you know how it goes -- when it comes to production by inspiration versus production by persistence, persistence wins about 9 to 1.

We took no particular notice of Labor Day weekend. Doug has class Tuesdays and Thursdays, so a four day weekend is part of our lifestyle now. Ah, we are living so well! Now to get some income to sustain our dolce vita!

As usual, September, with classes starting and temperatures cooling feels like potential and new beginnings to me. A better time to start new projects than January. And we certainly are!

May Fall bring you renewal, too.