Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Monday and Tuesday Doug took the car to work. It's seldom enough he has it one day, much less two. Today I found myself very eager to be out and about. Ran some needed errands, played poker, wrote a bit, and then ran some quite unneeded errands. So, it wasn't critical that we have new soap dispensers. I wanted two, though -- one to replace the one Doug took to his new office, to sit by the sink there, and one to free the glass one by the kitchen sink, so I could put an experiment in it and watch the results. I found a couple I liked at the outlet mall.

Actually was hoping one would look good in the new office. It's bleak there -- but I'm going to need a deeper groking of the existing colors before I can perk them up. Neither of the two I picked up worked there.

Hmmm... likely more details about soap dispensers than anyone will care for. So it goes.

So then I emptied the dish soap out of the glass soap dispenser into the new yellow pottery one. Then I rinsed the glass one well. I recently received a number of body care ingredients from Cedarvale Natural Health". One of them was basic Liquid Castille Soap. My somewhat cursory reading on the subject lead me to believe I could add an oil to that to make a moisturizing hand wash. Another item I picked up from them was hemp oil. Since I didn't know the right proportions to mix, I wanted to use the glass soap dispenser so I could observe whether the combination separated. I put about two tablespoons of the oil in the bottom of the eight ounce soap dispenser, then topped it up with the liquid Castille soap. Hemp oil is a surprisingly forest-y green. The Castille soap, originally a pale translucent tanish white, took on a noticeable green cast. However, there is still a small puddle of green remaining on top of the solution. I couldn't shake the container too vigorously, since the pump did not make a completely reliable seal. It appears, though, that I overestimated the amount of hemp oil the Castille soap could take up. I'll enjoy watching over time to see if the green puddle on top grows larger or smaller.

I never got to take Chemistry. My very small high school only offered it on rotating years. The only year when it was offered _and_ I had completed its prerequisites, I was in another country as an exchange student. Didn't seem a priority in college. Oa knows I spread myself thin enough there without it.

I found the whole process pleasing and creative. Choosing colors, shopping for ingredients, mixing potions -- small acts of choice to improve one's home -- that's the fun part of homemaking. The dreary part is doing the same cleaning tasks, day after day after day after day.

The hemp oil smelled good. (Their website promises it's not psychoactive!!!) So I oiled my hair. The ends have really been suffering lately, and conditioning them doesn't seem to be enough. That was fun, too. Felt like I was participating in a beauty rite, a little gone out of fashion since ancient Egypt. Almost like a bit of time travel.

Well, well. Any readers still conscious are to be congratulated. By all means treat yourself to a little pampering, too.

Best wishes,

Monday, November 03, 2003

3516 words as of 11:10 today. Yesterday, I only managed around a thousand. So at this point, I've just completed yesterday's word count. Still, it's going well, and I'm fairly happy with my progress so far.

Also had breakfast, did Creative Process class homework, and shoveled snow off the walks.

Really need to find someone to do that for me. Outdoor work is just not what I want to spend my time on. Last year, we only had three snow shovelling occasions all winter. I've shovelled twice this year, and winter hasn't even officially started.

Time to update my word count at Nanowrimo. Haven't yet found a piece that looks like a good exerpt.

Take care, all.