Monday, February 23, 2009

I, for one, welcome our new Vegan cupcake masters.

Hello, everyone!

Last Friday, I held a second Demarle party. We had good company show up there. It's a pretty entertaining way to spend an evening.

My bakeware had come ten days earlier on a Tuesday night. In that time, I made four recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, plus four batches of cornmeal muffins. Not a bad production! Fortunately, I found people to give away a lot of the baked goods.

I was having too much fun. I made Agave Nectar cupcakes, Chai Latte cupcakes, Basic Vanilla and Basic Chocolate cupcakes. My favorites were the Chai Latte cupcakes. Doug preferred the Basic Chocolate. Since cocoa powder replaces one-third of the flour in that recipe, they may even be a better choice for him. So, that's all good.

I'm planning to make the Rose Water and Pistachio cupcakes and the Rum Raisin cupcakes soon. I'm scheming to find some Matcha -- Japanese green tea powder -- so that I can make the Green Tea cupcakes.

In the meantime, having discovered that I needed a break from editing, and that my muffin tin and cooking utensils were conveniently clean, I'm now baking cupcakes from a mix even as I type. This also is bold new territory for me. I don't believe I have ever bought a cake mix before, much less baked one. But, I have new cookware, and they were having a sale at the cake mix store. So here I am.

The four batches of cornmeal muffins happened like this: I needed two batches to perfect the recipe, and then made two batches so I could feed the guests at my party abundantly. Mmmm, this is a complete experience of living richly. I can promise you that no one left my party hungry.

Almost time to stick a toothpick in today's cupcakes!

May you all live well.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Seventy-five Dozen Cupcakes

I've been wondering what I'd do with 'em.

The Demarle party left me with a fascination for cupcakes. Sue made a cake in one of the Demarle pans -- it was lovely. Light, moist, beautifully browned -- it was remarkably good, the best cake I've had in a long time. I picked up a muffin tray and a charlotte tray -- originally with the admirable intention of making low-fat individual crustless quiches with them, hereafter referred to as timbales -- but that cake! What if I actually made some cupcakes!

It didn't help that I've been reading Veganomicon, and it has been making me very happy. The combination of attitude and solid vegan comfort food -- they really do seem to hit the mark of "the dishes you wish you'd grown up with" -- absolutely nourished my vegetable-seeking heart. Then there's all these desserts in the back! Including some amazing-looking cupcake recipes! So how could I not go out and borrow their previous volume, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World?! Especially when it was just sitting there on the shelves of my friendly local library?

So, now I've read Vegan Cupcakes cover to cover -- about 40 main recipes, with variations carrying the total to at least 75 -- and I plan to try at least a couple when my Demarle order arrives.

I think I can take some to the networking group. My new mastermind group could try a few. Still, seventy-five dozen -- what I'd have if I tried every recipe in the book -- is rather a lot. Especially since we've basically been living a flour and sugar free lifestyle since Doug developed diabetes. It was just a couple months ago when our neighbor tried to borrow a cup of flour, and I had to admit I didn't have any.

So, who knows what this fascination with cupcakes is about.

Here is a vegetarian but not vegan recipe for fast timbales -- more appropriate for a low glycemic lifestyle. Than cupcakes. I made this in my friend Sue's charlotte tray the morning after the Demarle party.

Fast Timbales

3 cloves garlic
1 zucchini
1 carrot
6 eggs
2 tablespoons cream, optional
Salt, pepper, and oregano to taste -- approximately pinch each of salt and pepper, 1/2 teaspoon oregano

Press the garlic cloves into a medium bowl. Grate the zucchini and carrot on top of the garlic. In another medium bowl, beat the 6 eggs with the seasonings and cream, if using. Fold the vegetables into the eggs, then pour into charlotte or muffin trays, filling each form no more than 3/4s full. (If there are any empty spaces, put a little water in them for more even baking.) Bake until lightly brown on top, and a toothpick inserted into a timbale comes out clean -- approximately 20 minutes, depending on the size of the individual timbales.

These puffed beautifully, and were nicely brown underneath, when made in Sue's charlotte tray. Plus, of course, since it was Demarle, they popped right out of the forms, no oiling, no spraying, no flour. I liked the fluted round shapes of the charlotte tray very much for this -- I felt surprisingly gourmet with no extra effort.

Well, maybe I can find someone who is having a bake sale. I really do want to try making some cupcakes. My muffin tray and all are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. I have recipes, and I bought ingredients -- baking ingredients are remarkably economical.

This is one of those times when having a family of six, like I did when I was growing up, would be more convenient than having a family of two. The math is just better for dividing a dozen cupcakes between six farm workers than two knowledge workers.

Seventy-five dozen cupcakes will likely be too much. I'll make a couple recipes of a dozen each, and see where I go from there.

I wish you indulgent and happy food.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Demarle Party Saturday Jan. 31st at 11:32 am

Hi, folks!

Well, I'm making my first try at having a cookware party. Here's the flyer I handed out:

Bakeware Party

January 31st at 11:32 am

See what absolutely non-stick cookware can do!

What if muffins popped right out of the pan? What if cleaning up after roasting vegetables was a snap? What if even eggs wouldn’t stick?

Come see a demo of Demarle bakeware. Come hungry, and eat the results! Demarle makes everyday and fancy shapes, both large pans, and trays of small shapes. Check out the fun, new possibilities. Even bring a friend!

Come to the home of Anna Paradox, at 2100 Thomas Dr. Please RSVP to 522-5358. I want to feed you abundantly!

I'm really intrigued with the possibilities. My friend Sue started representing Demarle a while ago -- food really pops right out of the little shapes. No oil, no muffin papers. Very neat, and very easy to clean. At first I thought I wouldn't hold a party, because I wasn't sure who'd I invite and I've never done this before. And then I started being intrigued with the possibilities. I could make individual quiches, with no crust, putting just the ingredients each person wanted in theirs, and baking them. I could roast vegetables without using a disposable pan liner. I could make fancy-shaped desserts and show off. It really sounded fun to play with the new possibilities. Ice cream shapes, I bet I could make non-dairy ice creams shapes in them. All sorts of things.

And I do like to eat, and see new things. So, I changed my mind, and scheduled a party. Sue and I will make lots of food. She'll demonstrate the bakeware so you can see how it works. That does sound like fun, doesn't it!

If you think it would be fun, too, please come! Just call so I can plan, thanks.

And if you can't come, but you want to try the bakeware on your own, you can order from Do Sue a favor, and put in her rep code when you do -- 7187.

Or email her with what you'd like, and she'll take care of you:

She'll work with you if you want to have a party any where in New Mexico, too.

So that's what I'll be up to this Saturday -- making and eating food with friends! I am really looking forward to it.