Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm really rather angry about having my ability to play online poker restricted. Last night, Senate majority leader Frist attached language making it illegal for US Banks to send money to online gambling sites to a port security bill. Since this is a Homeland security issue, Bush is almost certain to sign it into law.

It was a backhanded, last minute way to slip a new law through. Very end of the session, late at night.

I'm confused. Weren't the Republicans supposed to stand for more freedom? Where's my freedom to engage in mental contest by the free choice of all involved?

Weren't the Republicans supposed to stand for less government? Why are they pushing this regulation that will require new oversight bodies, vast additional paperwork from banks, and entire new ways of observing the actions of American citizens? Just to make sure we don't spend our money playing online poker? So, to protect you from online gambling, you'd like your government to track all your financial transactions?

OK, I've been angry about plenty the government has done recently. But this feels personal. It hits what I do with my free time, every week. It comes right into my house and interferes with my liesure and a tiny bit of my income.

And there are one hundred thousand other poker players who cared enough about this to join the Poker Players Alliance.

What I hope is that this, and all the other ways the current administration has been showing that it doesn't represent us, the people, will finally be enough for voters. And that the polls will resoundingly give at least one house back to the Democrats. Because this administration needs brakes and accountability.

Because I'm still hoping the system works. That voting can make a difference. That the opinion of the people still counts in this country.

Because if it takes more than voting to get our government to be OUR government again, it is going to be a lot more trouble.