Thursday, November 27, 2003

First day in a while I haven't had to go out and sweep snow. We've had steady dustings. Everyone travelled well.

We did our family Thanksgiving Saturday, so today is a day of rest for me. Doug is at work. I played a couple 7 card stud tourneys, one a freeroll, one with a five dollar buy in. Didn't cash in either one, but I did finish 4th of 650 in the freeroll and 13th of 28 in the other. Can't complain about that.

I'm not getting as much out of the Creative Process class as I hoped to. It's free, a work in progress, I expect, for the facilitator. So perhaps my expectations were too high. Another part is that I don't think I'm terribly compatible with Julia Cameron, the author of our text, The Artist's Way. It's a program that has done well for lots of people. It keeps feeling like a bit of a mismatch for me, though.

So I could probably get as much out of working through the book on my own as I am from this class. Since I might not discipline myself to actually do the work without the class, I'm getting that much benefit from it. But not much more. It seems that for every good insight some other class member comes up with, someone makes a catty remark I could just as well do without. Amazing amount of competitiveness, careless or unaware unkindness. Since I work under the principle that the more creativity there is in the world, the better it is for everyone, I'm a little surprised to find that some of my classmates seem to resent other people's success.

Well, so it goes. It's neither horrible nor great, and I get out of it what I put into it. So, what's new?

Meanwhile, having failed both my poker goal and the Nanowrimo challenge, I'm reminded that goals are not my strong point. A game plan suits me better.

And so it goes. Happy Thanksgiving, all. I'll be back in touch.