Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where to blog?

I now have potentially three places to blog. I'm running a minutely detailed journal of my training in business, my marketing efforts, my new realizations, and in-jokes that are funniest to sister Martha Beck coaches within the protected Martha Beck coach forum. I've started a new journal to gather my newsletters at -- it is not quite ready for prime time. I'm having trouble getting my banner picture to the right size.

And then there is here, my old faithful. How kind to me you have been these long years, oh blog of mine! We've been through changes together. Plenty of stories to tell.

I think it will shake out like this: my personal thoughts will continue to appear here. The Martha Beck coaches forum can enjoy seeing me at my worst. And eventually those posts most likely to match the themes of my business will appear at

At the moment, those themes are space activism, science fiction, success and self-help, and writing. Mmmmm, one of these days I may need to trim that list.

Well, we'll see how it rolls along.

Yesterday, I finished the final campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic V. The campaigns in this entry in the series were imaginative and carried a good story along. I liked that.

And this evening, I watched Enchanted at the local second run theater. I enjoyed it.

Wouldn't it be a better world if more people broke out into song and dance?