Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Exciting Times

Doug's first day of class went well.

Whoa! you say! Since when is Doug is school?!!!!

Good question. It all happened so fast. One day, NMSU, the University half a mile from our new home, announces a new Aeronautics Engineering degree. Doug discovers it, calls the college -- two weeks later he's enrolled, and Thursday August 24th -- surely a day that will live in perpetuity -- he took his first classes. My beloved husband is going to be a Rocket Scientist. I like it.

Do you know how often people say, "It isn't rocket science." I run into it about four times a week. I laugh.

Meanwhile, I have undertaken training as a Life Coach under Martha Beck. See her website here. I read an article by her, then a book, in June. In July, I read more articles and a second book, and decided I had to get in the training program. In early August, I took one of her seminars, and could verify in person that all I'd gathered from the reading held true, and this course absolutely resonated with my essential desires. I completed application to the program, and am doing the written preparatory work to the in-person training in October. I've never discovered a possible line of work that rang so right with me before. I want this very much, and I've been taking every step I can think of to see that it happens.

Like I said to Doug, I love that we are becoming the kind of people who reinvent themselves.

And so the leap we took in moving to Las Cruces progresses.

I know that these career paths are both the truest we have ever been to ourselves, and the ways we can best serve others. I am very thankful that we have had the courage and the guidance to reach this place.

And so I wish it for you: May you have the courage to do the work that fills your heart and best serves the world.