Monday, January 27, 2003

We are making progress on exercising more often. It has even been somewhat pleasant.

We've made the tour of local health clubs, more or less proceeding from least expensive to most. Tonight we used the first of three passes to try the most expensive.

This is what more than doubling the monthly fee and more than quadrupling the initiation fee gets you in our area:

Showers with both soap and shampoo dispensers. Racquetball courts. Impeccable cleanliness and complimentary use of towels. Higher ceilings and reduced noise. An indoor pool and jacuzzi. Seasonal outdoor pool and jacuzzi. Outdoor track. Three aerobics rooms, and water fitness classes as well. An attached restaurant and snack bar. And all the prestige of knowing you belong to a club so exclusive it has a two month waiting list.

There are actually fewer weight machines, and no more cardio machines than at the next most expensive place. All in all, we need the extra cash more than the extra amenities.

But we're savoring our passes while we have them. Hmmm... so this is what it's like to be rich.

Yes, it's indulgent. And it's more than we need.

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