Thursday, January 23, 2003

Google has found me.

Suddenly, I may not be writing into a void any more. Suddenly, I may have listeners.

It's a strange feeling. I felt almost protected, if a little lonely, writing my thoughts onto the web. Someone could see them, but -- it seemed a bit unlikely. Now, I will turn up when someone searches for Anna Paradox. Whether anyone will search for that phrase is another question, still a bit unlikely. But I have moved several levels of likelihood farther into the public view.

My strongest reaction, however, is that I had better give you guys something. I haven't been updating very frequently. If you find this, why bother to come back? Nothing's happening.

So, I am resolving again to write more often. I want to put some time into the Nanowrimo area, and complete the logs. I'm considering posting the whole novel, suitably tagged as adult material.

And if you have any feedback, by all means write me at:

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