Sunday, June 05, 2011

Living or Preparing to Live?

Today's prompt asked in what areas of my life I was preparing to live, and how I could start living instead.

That's probably more relevant for 20-somethings than for me. This is my life, already.

Each day, I spend time with someone I love: my top ally, the fabulous Doug Weathers. 25 years of marriage have only given us a richer shared language and more appreciation for each other.

I do work I love. I tend my home and family, and practice daily self-care, and have learned to enjoy it. I sing and create jewelry and write, making beauty in several ways.

I continue to learn -- my life has forward motion as well as the enjoyment of what I am doing now. I revel in new ideas and new techniques, and I increase my skills. All of that, too, is part of living.

I have a very good life.

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