Friday, June 06, 2008

The Burrito Lady

The first day I trained for my brief employment, I found myself wishing there was a taco cart in the parking lot. Our breaks were short, and we were far from restaurants. I felt far too rushed driving to the nearest fast food place to purchase a lunch.

The second day, miraculously, a woman pulled up to the building in a station wagon. She had coolers full of fresh, hot burritos. They were good and inexpensive.

As long as we were in training, the whole class took our breaks together at the same time. So, she came for ten minutes only, and we could have warm, indulgent food. Once we moved to the floor, all our breaks were staggered so that the phones were always covered. I couldn't buy burritos any more. It's surprising how much that one mid-morning indulgence made the whole day feel softer.

I love the way she showed up to meet our needs. I wondered how she'd known. How did she find that entrepreneurial opportunity? One day, I asked. She said she'd been bringing burritos to the construction crew before us. Which answers one question, and still leaves a few open. What kind of network let her know about the construction crew? How can someone be ready to create burritos in bulk for such an opportunity? Did she cruise the town, looking for large groups of hungry people?

No doubt there are opportunities everywhere, to someone who has the perspective to see them.

Or maybe burritos just abhor a vacuum.


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