Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm way imperfect. I've made a load of mistakes. I'm subject to bad moods, I've occasionally refused to listen to reason, and I can be incredibly stubborn.

And it was a major teaching moment for me when my coach said, "Anna, you are so, so perfect."

Oh. Because everything is. You are, I am, everything is. So, so perfect. Oh.

A couple weekends ago, I was at the OneCoach Mind, Marketing and Millions event. Jeff Stibel was talking about the secret he's employed to create multiple multi-million dollar businesses by the age of 35. I bet you'd like to know it. Would like me to tell you? Well, ok then, I will.

He fails a lot. He said someday he'd write a book, and he'd call it "Fail Your Way to Success". He said, "If you are not failing, you are not testing."

That last sentence is like a road widening before me. If I really want to find my limits, I'm going to want to fail. A lot. Frequently, repeatedly, in a wide variety of new ways, creatively, successively, reachingly, daringly and progressively.


The first way I'm wanting to fail is to be imperfect in public. Which is perfect.

I feel a lot more blogging coming on.


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