Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monsoon Season

Las Cruces used to get most of its annual moisture in a two week 'monsoon season'. Two weeks in summer would have a lot of thunderstorms -- gully washers, even -- and that would be it. The rest of the year would be dry.

Last year, monsoon season uncharacteristically lasted twelve weeks.

It's running long this year, too. My theory is that higher temperatures lift more water out of the gulf, and higher air pressures carry it over here to dump it.

Ever since we watched An Inconvenient Truth, I've been drying most of the laundry on a rack and a couple lines in the laundry room. I like to catch the towels when they are not quite dry and tumble them a little to soften them.

Now that it's monsoon season -- the towels just stay at not quite dry. Nothing is drying that well on the rack or lines.

So, the heat create extra moisture that slows drying that tempts me to use the dryer and create more heat -- a vicious cycle.

I'll be glad when the air dries out a bit more.

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