Sunday, April 22, 2007

Too busy?

I just sat down to make myself a to do list, and added over sixty items to it. Hmmm. Some of them are simple, like feed the cats. Some of them are entire projects in themselves, like build a Paypal shopping cart. After all, I still need to create the products that would go in the cart.

I didn't even notice Tuesday passing without a blog this week. Not until Thursday.

So it's quite possible the 'blog every Tuesday' plan has run its course. I'm not sure it still serves a purpose. I have my twice monthly newsletter, Creating Space, to connect on a regular basis. It's more structured and more focused than the blog, and in its five issue life is already receiving much more response than this blog.

So, notice is hereby served: I'm going back to posting irregularly. I'll write here when I wish to. When this is the best forum for my passing thoughts, or when inspiration strikes.

The newsletter, for more regular communications, is available at

I continue to wish you all the best.


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