Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I forgot it was Tuesday!

Perhaps a crash was inevitable. After the rush of Ad Astra one weekend and the marathon of editing the next, I slumped into a bit of non-productivity. Drat! Things were going so well.

It wasn't just that I was getting a lot done -- although I like that a lot. I was also surprised by frequent, sudden bursts of joy. Everything felt so right with my world. Bright hopes, blissful work, great health -- I was altogether happy.

Lately, I've been dragging a bit more. Maybe the fatigue catching up with me. And also, while I was very busy I wasn't laying the foundations for my next work. So when the current push ended, I had time on my hands.

Now that I'm an entrepreneur, it continually falls to me to gather my own business. If I let that part slow, then the fun working part slows, too. And I'm still fighting new start inertia. There really is a lot to do.

Yesterday I turned in the papers for my name change. The court process takes about two months, and if there is no objection -- and New Mexico law lists no reason why there should be -- Anna Paradox will be my legal name as well as my usual identity. Filling out the papers was a strange feeling -- as if I had become indeterminate. For a little while, my name is somewhat undefined, and it was as if I, too, was undefined. How much do we confound our existence with our words about it?

All for today.

May you all name yourselves well.

Anna Paradox

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