Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Forced change of Blogger

I put it off as long as I could. I resisted every invitation to move to the new Blogger. At last, they made it mandatory this morning. And of course, despite offering to keep my template, the template is broken.

So soon I'll have to say goodbye to this format. I don't know when I'll find time to delve into the html and recreate the lovely corners I used to have. Maybe I will just switch templates. The image file for the corners may be lost.

I have been very busy. Lots of time editing, lots of time devoted to building the life coaching business. Starting to see some traction from both activities. I was very pleased to have someone contact me, interested in editing. We will see how this goes.

Also very excited to be attending Ad Astra science fiction convention in Toronto as a guest first weekend in March. Time to try the other side of the table. I am really looking forward to it.

At my training, Martha Beck asked if we had ever seen a dog work. Dogs totally love their work. They go out and exhaust themselves, bouncing and happy all the time. Long hours, and love, and then when they play or rest, they are one hundred percent present for those activities, too.

I am so glad to have work I love. A twelve hour day of creative engagement with talented people is far more satisfying and much less fatiguing than four hours of meaningless employment.

My long term plan is for a forty hour work week. I am very thankful to the worker's movement for gaining us time for a more varied life.

May your work feed your soul.

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