Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Paradox World Journal


We soon depart for Oregon for two weeks. We'll be spending the time with Doug's parents. Mostly in Portland, two nights on the Oregon Coast.

The Oregon Coast is known for dramatic weather. We should have a good chance to remind ourselves about rain and humidity. We seem to be forgetting pretty quickly.

I look forward to doing some shopping in Portland. It is still the best shopping city I have ever lived in. Low prices, great selection, no sales tax. Really a great place to shop, and since I'm not keen on carrying a lot of gifts on the airplane, I've delayed most of my Christmas shopping. This should be entertaining. Fortunately, I find something festive in large crowds of shoppers. Really looking forward to hitting Lloyd Center, which was my 'home' mall for seven years. I wonder how it has changed.

Maybe walk NW 23rd, or hit Saturday Market, or stroll the Alberta Art District. Just for old times' sake. And then there is the huge center of gravity that is Powell's books. Nothing makes a city feel like home more than a good used bookstore.

Las Cruces does have one. Coas' is very decent, especially considering how much smaller a population base it has to draw on than Powell's. And how many fewer rainy days there are here to inspire the locals to curl up at home with a book.

Life is good.

Happy holidays to all. I may skip another week as we travel. May the new year find you well and prospering.

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