Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Busy Week

Hello, it's Tuesday. This week has gone very quickly. Doug has work, around his classes, helping to set up the computer network for the X-Prize Cup. I've had editing and more web work and more preparing the house to hold a home office. We seem much busier than we were just a couple weeks ago.

Doug is really grooving on the airport where he's been at work. It's a small municipal airport, and the people there really focus on flying. Balloons, airplanes, rockets -- we've had a flight theme running here recently. The earliest balloon flights date to the 1800's, the earliest airplanes were early in the 1900's. What a long way we've come.

I had my first experience proofing pages. Julie Czerneda sent me PDF pages for my story Shining Field, appearing in her anthology Polaris next year. That has to improve on sending physical pages back and forth. She has been great to work with. Very friendly and helpful. I had already enjoyed her writing. It's nice to enjoy her editing, too.

Thursday I leave for my in-person training. So this week is bound to go quickly, too. I'm liking being busier. It makes a nice change. Would it make a good lifestyle? I will have to see.

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