Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A week of webbing

Is it true that one week ago I had never heard of WordPress? Wow. Now I have two sites well under development. Many little steps taken toward building the restaurant review site and the life coaching site. Restaurant reviews are ready for public access at www.dininglascruces.com. The life coaching site will only go live after my training. I am enjoying playing with it, and it will be good to have it almost there upon my return.

The in-person part of my training is less than a month away now, and I am really looking forward to it. Doug keeps asking me if I want to volunteer at the X-Prize Cup, and I keep saying 'I'm busy'. Then we giggle. My training and his space event overlap on the calendar. It's really fantastic that we both get to advance our dreams next month. Our good friend David is coming down to give Doug company and support for the event. I'm taking a room in the highly luxe resort for the training. We'll both be richly sustained.

It has been rewarding to work the images and colors for the websites. When the colors and fonts come right, I feel bubbly satisfaction. It does tire me more than usual to continue to focus on how things look. It's not my favorite mode of grappling with the world. I feel all the happier to get back to words after the change of mode.

It's a good idea for me to get away from the computer screen in general. The weather has been beautiful recently. It's starting to cool. On September 21, I was walking to campus, and I felt a cool breeze. Instantly I thought that feels like Fall. Yup, right on time.

May you all find your projects coming together.

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