Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Changes Afoot

Changes Afoot

Web changes are on the way. I've spent a lot of the last week looking into hosting and web design. I'll likely move this blog to a paid host within a few weeks. I'll redirect and post links at that time.

It's amazing how much time searching for a good template, or even a good template idea can absorb. I really enjoyed it. Kept being startled by the darkening of the evening sky. Not too many things let me lose track of time.

The other large absorber of my mindshare has been editing for Tommy Angelo. Take a look at Tommy's poker article archive and scroll to the bottom of the left column. I've been working with him since the beginning of 2006, and having a great time with it. He just finished his most ambitious article yet, Reciprocality, and it should be posting to pokerpages soon.

All of which has left little time for poker! It's a curious state, to be engaged in working with writing about poker, and yet seldom play. When I have played, the large intervals since my previous sessions have left me feeling unfocused and not at my best. Since it's far more fun to play well (and win, variance allowing), I have been thinking a bit about my meta-game. I'm not sure yet how to arrange my approach to poker to arrive at better results. Thinking about it is a good first step!

Meanwhile, if you are having poker difficulties, and you are serious about your game, I strongly recommend you talk to Tommy. Go to tiltless.com and find out about his program.

Now I have business cards to design and websites to plot.

May you enjoy your work.

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