Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I expect it's been a while since I wrote here. Things have been busy. Failed at Nanowrimo. Had a good family Thanksgiving here. Failed my poker goal, but still made $300. I don't think I get along well with goals. Might have written all this already, failing my goal of writing interesting blogs.

Went to Doug's parents's house for three days shopping in the big city. That was cool. I'm pretty sure Portland gets all their produce, meats, and fish a day fresher than we do. It's quite noticeable if you have sushi or go to the supermarket. I enjoy shopping. The crowds were at the pleasant, friendly stage, instead of the jostling so tight I can barely breathe stage. A few of the lines ran 6 people long or so -- not bad when they move quickly. All in all, a good shopping experience.

Class has improved. The sniping has dropped to negligable levels, and recent artistic exercises have been fun. Still feel out of synch with Julia Cameron, though.

That's about it. Happy holidays, all.

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